Because of your Success team, we were able to fulfil a wish to have a family. From the time that we first came in contact with your coordinator, we were sure that we wanted to do surrogacy program with you. Viktoriya took her time with us and and explained all of the the steps that we would need to take and gave us a feeling of trust towards your team.

Fortunately happiness and luck were on our side! Our surrogate mother Angela became pregnant. Angela lived with us after 26 weeks of pregnancy and we took care of her. Our lives were only focused on becoming a family.

Your staff and doctors, at least in Cyprus, are excellent. They also stay in touch with the IPs and make sure that things are okay. It meant a lot to us.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for making it possible to have Cynthia beautiful bouncing baby as a part of our lives.

Karen, Netherlands

Наш сыночек, будущая звезда футбола, с нетерпение ждет сестричку и мы вместе с ним с трепетом в душе. спасибо Вам за все.

Семья Кочерниковых (г. Смоленск)

Мы с мужем обратились за помощью в центр, так как нам была необходима услуга сурмамочки, так как мне рожать противопоказано по состоянию здоровья.  Была проведена программа в результате у нас родилась красавица доченька. Мы очень благодарны докторам и центру за оказанную нам помощь и за полноценную семью. Выражаем вам благодарность и желаем и дальше помогать людям на этом не легком пути.
Светлана и Алексей Кузнецовы (Хабаровск)

Дорогой Success, наш Виталик уже школьник. Большой привет с благодарностью из Крыма. Спасибо за все!

Алексей и Оксана (г. Севастополь)